In another language it can be hard to tell if you’re

In another language, it can be hard to tell if you’re vegetarian or vegan, especially if the name of the dish states that it contains no animal products. Check out the Busuu blog for tips and advice on learning a language, information about culture and history, company news, and new products. Busuu is a language learning community that helps over 100 million people learn languages online. Elena, a senior Spanish language specialist, is originally from Salamanca, Spain, but currently lives in London. In anticipation of World Vegan Day, we’d like to talk about what everyone who follows a plant-based diet fears. Put an end to “I’m vegan” and start learning the language with Busuu today. If you ever go to Brazil, try cheese bread for breakfast and top it with every fresh fruit imaginable. France may be the land of cheese and butter, but my I support you. And why? Because in Spain, contrary to the name, bocadillos vegetales are often stuffed with tuna. She studied English literature and linguistics in her hometown and then became a Spanish teacher at the Cervantes Institute. So you’re in luck: There’s a whole world of deliciousness waiting for you in Italy. You’re hungry and can’t wait for your first bite.

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