Standards Day – On October 14 1946 representatives of 25

On October 14 1946, representatives of 25 countries met in London and decided to create a new organization to promote international coordination of industrial standards. On October 14, 1946, the world’s first World Standard Day was celebrated. In this case the World Standardization Day can be considered as a gift to tens of thousands of people involved in the work on standardization. China rejoined ISO in 1978 and decided to celebrate this event every year on October 14, telling how ISO performed that year. The year 2018 will mark the 49th anniversary of the International Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Well, China also has unique special days, such as Standard Day, which was held a few days ago on October 14. Zhi dngda luu schm in navi yang shi yang zao. 50 years in 2019: video standards create the world stage 48 years in 2017: standards make the city smarter. tā yě shì yī ming cóng yè jiàn zhù shī. This will allow industry leaders to take greater responsibility, ensure a higher quality of life for their employees and protect the environment through more sustainable methods. Everyone can benefit from industry standards. IEC, ISO and ITU standardization combines the intellectual and environmental performance of buildings, encouraging new types of buildings to meet both requirements.