BBC Live – Every month Live Classes allowed me and my

Every month Live Classes allowed me and my students to get out of our little space for an hour,” she says. My response was a resounding “NO! Every hour brings laughter and smiles, and I learned so much from the Live Classes community,” she says. “Then the classes and students started arriving, and seeing different names and countries, we created a unique class experience, but also one that I know and love. Pearson and BBC Live Class Director – winner of the British Council’s ELTons 2020 Award for Innovation in Learning Resources. “Being able to interact with so many people from around the world has been the highlight of my career as a Live Class trainer,” he says. Harry says live classes are still the highlight of his month. “There was a positive atmosphere in every class, and when students participated in the activities, I could see how much fun they were having,” “she says. I saw students who were motivated to speak English outside of class and teachers who showed their students the true value of their schooling. “They had a discussion in the break room and realized that it doesn’t matter where you live: teenagers all over the world have very similar interests and aspirations,” says “it.” Pearson and the BBC launched live classes in 2018, and Dan notes that the transition to online education has not been easy, but the resilience that teachers and students have shown is amazing. It’s been exciting for Vanessa to connect with so many wonderful students and teachers every month.