Cloud Security Alliance – Joining CSA is a new step in

Joining CSA is a new step in Grammarly’s ongoing effort to gain the trust of our customers, whether they are individuals, small businesses or multinational corporations,” said Brad Hoover CEO of Grammarly. “We are pleased to welcome Grammarly as a new CSA member,” said Jim Reavis, co-founder and CEO of Cloud Security Alliance. At Grammarly, we are committed to keeping people and companies using our product safe. CAQ provides transparency of our security practices and can be downloaded from the CSA registry. We put security at the forefront of our products, infrastructure and corporate policies. We look forward to working with CSA to promote transparency and best practices, and ensure users are protected in a secure ecosystem. We are proud to support CSA’s mission. Real-time offerings wherever you write. We take protecting your data very seriously.