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Thank you for signing up for a free eChineseLearning class! Our academic coordinator will contact you within one business day to arrange a free lesson. This dialogue can help you better use everyday Chinese, especially for friends who come to China to work and live. At the Li Zhong Hotel, ask the receptionist to leave. Read the dialogue and choose the best answers to the following questions. Lǐ Jūn: Hǎo de, xièxie. Lǐ Jūn: Lǐ, 730 fángjiān. Lǐ Jūn: Wǒ yao tuìfáng. Qiántái: Qǐng shāoděng yíxià. Enter valid recipient email addresses. Enter the recipients’ email addresses. Download them from your email address. We have currently sent 11 e-books in Mandarin to your email address. You have successfully sent this message. Sending this article via email has failed.