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Chinese Internet users are smart and can quickly find new words and phrases by combining other words or extracting phrases from programs and giving them completely new meaning. Since “hard” and “southern” are synonyms, some say “我太南了,” which is also an emotional expression of a common “networking”, hoping to relieve the tension of life when the phrase is spoken. “996” – is working time that exceeds the legal working day and violates the labor laws of the People’s Republic of China. It is difficult to maintain control alone, so let’s look at the 5 words and phrases you will probably find if you talk to the younger generation or watch the media. Did you know that the Chinese language is developing at an incredible speed? Don’t worry, you will still be able to speak with everyday words and phrases. Programmers have condemned a popular online company and boycotted the 996 company’s online work system. Register for a free live lesson about eChineseLearning! Our academic coordinator will contact you within one working day to arrange a free lesson. In this Vaudeville show, the manager often introduces himself and ignores the opinions of others on daily nutrition. Please note that the word “snake” is becoming more and more popular, so often come back to follow the rapid evolution of the word “snake” in China. This phrase came from a Chinese variety show and reflects people’s aversion to arrogant personalities. Have you seen one of these phrases on different media platforms? You may have heard them on TV. But the rapid changes that you have to keep up with are taking place on the Internet and in the ever-changing world of snake. I don’t like the 996 hours of work at this company.