Arcade Heroes IAAPA – Returning to IAAPA Expo Europe 2019

Returning to IAAPA Expo Europe 2019 and focusing a little on video, SCALE-1, the company we have approached several times in recent years, will present a new version of its product, Arena. For ransom and award lovers, Sega will present new concepts, including a new version of its old Shoot This Win, a concept called Shoot It Win It, which combines a mechanical shooting gallery at a direct price and a four-head Cubic 4 Catcher crane. I haven’t heard from anyone about IAAPA Expo Europe 2019, but if that changes, I will update this message. Next week the exhibition will be held in Paris, France, under the name of IAAPA Expo Europe 2019. I’ve always been a fan of video games and since 2008 I’ve been running my own Game Grid Arcade game room in West Valley City, Utah. UPDATE: After this article was published this morning, other manufacturers told me or published news about the products they would have at their fingertips. I’m sorry I haven’t made a deposit on the site recently – there are some stories that are “moving” behind the scenes, but so far all the information hasn’t been published, there are stories that just hang behind the scenes. However, if you plan to participate in IAAPA Europe, you may see one of these games for the first time.