Quiz Answers – If Wang Jun answers that “his” throat hurts

If Wang Jun is talking to a doctor, and this dialogue can take place in the hospital. Wáng Jūn: Wǒ liú bítì, hóulóng hěn tòng. Lǐ xiānsheng wǒ : Nǐ búyòng dānxīn, hěn kāi hěn yào, zhìliáo gǎnmào es. I read Van Yunu’s question that some part of the body is not feeling well. Enter the e-mail addresses of the actual recipients. Enter the e-mail addresses of the recipients. This article cannot be sent by email. In the meantime, we have sent 11 Mandarin e-books to your email address. Van Yoon: Liǎng la. Don’t worry, I’ll give you the medicine. It is very effective in treating colds. You can download it from your e-mail. So the correct answer is B.