Now that we have the Lightning Shift ability we will

Now that we have the Lightning Shift ability, we will immediately return to Diron. To do this, we want to find a new shuttle zone in Burma, which is not far from where we got our last ability. Now that you’ve dealt with Kraid, let’s leave Kataris for a while and head to Diron to get the Morph Ball bomb. Now that we’ve first gotten to Burhenia, turn left from the shuttle area where we arrived and follow the route you see on the map below. Now that we have the Speed Boost ability, we need to use it several times as we walk from the E.M.M.I. area, where we took it, to the yellow Diron teleporter, which is at the northeast end of the area, right next to the storage station, as shown on the map below. From where you just got the battle arm, we will now make some quick transitions through the locations, first to Diron and then to the new area, Ferenia, where we want to learn more about the story. If you’ve immersed yourself in a Metroid Dread game in the last week or two after its release, you’ve no doubt noticed the flashing areas on the game map as you explore them for possible progression paths in Samus Aran’s latest adventure. Fortunately, all we have to do to get to Dairon is walk a short distance northeast of where we picked up the transmission beam. Once you get your hands on the Varia suit, you’ll need to head straight back to Kataria, where a new upgrade and a boss fight awaits you. So you got the Dairon transmission beam, jumped on the shuttle, and headed back to Kataria. Now that you finally got the green E.M.I. Morph Ball skill in Kataris, it’s time to go back to Artaria. To do so, head straight to the red badge you see on the map below. Samus’ story continues after the events in Metroid™ Fusion, when she lands on the planet ZDR to investigate a mysterious message for the Galactic Federation. It has some advantages, such as better support, better sound quality, twice the built-in memory and a LAN port on the dock, but the most important feature is its name. Earlier this month, Nintendo released the Switch OLED model, the first major iteration of the Switch in more than two years. Note that some of the external links on this page are affiliate links. This means that if you follow these links and make a purchase, we’ll get a small percentage of the sale. This isolated planet is overrun by evil alien life forms and strange mechanical threats.