Solo Travel Lessons – I share these difficulties not to

I share these difficulties not to discourage you from traveling to the Middle East is a fact that traveling as a woman in the Middle East is not without its challenges. This section is designed to give you tips for traveling in the Middle East alone. Important information about women’s safety, such as reliable guides, can be provided to help prospective female travelers. With so much experience in the region, countries should prioritize improving women’s safety and comfort in order to attract more solo travelers. Knowing that I was the only woman on the plane traveling alone made me feel uncomfortable, but it was more than that. Despite the challenges, there are many good reasons to travel to the Middle East. For example, having two guides in Egypt that I could trust was invaluable to my experience and allowed me to relax a bit, knowing that they would be watching my back. First, depending on where you are from, you may feel completely out of your comfort zone because this culture is probably different from what you are used to in your home country. This series is a series of first-hand anecdotes from an experienced solo traveler who has traveled to 50 countries over the past decade. Women invariably say they feel uncomfortable going out after sunset when they travel alone. It’s hard to put that feeling into words, but the realization that all eyes were on me when I got home gave me goosebumps. The Middle East is known for its incredible hospitality, and it will certainly be part of your journey that you will appreciate. It wasn’t easy to find someone I could trust and feel comfortable with, although the two guides did their best to keep me safe.