Dull Grey – Key Features:The drama of everyday life unfolds

Key Features:The drama of everyday life unfolds against the backdrop of a retro-futuristic world driven by the program Unusual Progression mechanics, where one choice allows you to end the game in different ways A visual style reminiscent of 1920s Soviet graphics Inspired by the world of the Strugatsky brothers thers, the works of Dostoevsky and the films of Tarkovsky Premio: Games Cup 2019, the most innovative game yet, tells the story of a mother and son, free will and the search for happiness amid foggy mountains and gray pipes. But don’t jump to conclusions; reflect for a moment and you’ll see the story in full color. Winner of Best Use of Multimedia at the 2019 XYZZZY Awards, Dull Grey is an award-winning visual novel about growing up. He will make the same decision over and over again about what “his” son will become: a bluffer or a master of the trade. Microsoft can earn affiliate commissions when you click on a link and make a purchase. At first it may seem like a situation that leaves you no choice.