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What are the main characteristics of Latin American folk music? From the very beginning, everything revolved around how European songs were composed and how instruments from Spanish and African traditions were used – for example, Spanish guitar or a variety of African percussion instruments. I mean the most common popular music that developed all over Latin America until the end of the 19th century: Choropo in Venezuela, Milonga in Argentina, Cueca in Chile, Cuba in Colombia, Mariachi in Mexico, Merengue in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, to name just a few. Remarkable is the diversity and richness of Latin American music, the same diversity and richness that can be found in the colossal geography in many other areas, such as food, literature and people themselves, as the product of a unique and lasting crossroads. On the other hand, the novelty represents the many influences and impulses of local artists who have recently emerged and contributed to the popular music created in Latin America on the international scene since the 20th century. Today, many musical genres in Latin America use modern technologies to add new sounds and increase the cost of production, which allows them to find a wider audience both at home and abroad. Latin American music is so attractive that some claim that people in this part of the world were born with music on their feet and rhythm in their hearts. In this context, I will continue to explore some of the most famous genres of contemporary Latin American music in the new blog series. If there is one thing that makes a Spanish-speaking country easily recognizable, it is popular music, especially genres of modern music, to which colorful, lively and easy to dance. The modern Spanish-speaking musical landscape has its origins in three different sources – European, African and local culture – and offers a delightful combination of old and new with fascinating melodies and informal themes. You must click on the link in the email to confirm your request – I am a lover of culture and language and a great foodie! I am looking forward to sharing my language and culture with all of you, and why not share some of our traditional recipes.