Beginner Japanese/Godan Verbs – To change the verb 五段 into

To change the verb 五段 into its negative form, lower “u” and add “a”. The Conjugation simply consists of changing the vowel at the end of the verb from its original form in the dictionary and sometimes adding a suffix. To change the verb from 五段 to its mandatory form, lower “u” and add “e”. To change the dictionary form to infinite, omit “u” and add “i”. To change the verb 五段 in this form, lower “u” and add “o”. An infinitive is a form in which you can add other verbs, other honour verbs or both. As already mentioned, the dictionary form is the default form to search for verbs in dictionaries. All verbs of all types end with “-u” in the dictionary. The dictionary form is called this because it is how you find a verb in the dictionary.