Chickens Madness Is – Chickens Chicken madness gives you

Chickens! Chicken madness gives you full power to be and behave like a chicken in a unique series of party games against your friends. Crazy! It is all about being crazy! Running, jumping, flying, kicking, laying eggs, kicking, hitting and raining chicks. Did I mention that our testers are from 3 to 60 years old? – level of play to master controllers and mechanics, alone or with others. – Over 30 unique mechanics and gameplay tricks, all the tools you need to help these chicks go crazy! Features – Multiplayer fun in local bank mode. – Advanced player management with many special motion options that will satisfy both beginners and experienced players. -30 unique board games that you can play. A high quality art and animation style inspired by the cartoons we grew up with. -play with family, friends, children and the elderly. It is a game for everyone.