Arcade Heroes Raiden – As the title suggests the franchise

As the title suggests, the franchise is returning to the arcade thanks to MOSS and MIKADO Game Center, who have announced a financial campaign to develop a new “remix” edition of the game called Raiden IV x MIKADO. While there has been no official confirmation of what they will be announcing, “Lightning Rising” came with a reference quite clearly that the game they will be bringing to the system will be something from their legendary “shootem up” franchise, Raiden. In addition to funding the project, MIKADO has teamed up with several bands to create another remix soundtrack, including Heavy Metal Raiden, O.T.K. Fantom Iris, Go Sato and Cosio. “But there’s no exA in my local game room,” you might say. You don’t have to worry about that because exA has a lot of plans for a big bet in the U.S. next year, which will make it easier to find her. I’m into video games and have been using my own game room, The Game Grid Arcade, located in West Valley City, Utah, since 2008. Together they are “reincarnating” 16 great songs [ ] with live recordings and new arrangements! They’re also doing it to bring people back to the arcade, post-pandemic landscape. More will be announced eventually, but with these features, this will be the version of Raiden IV you’ll want to play. Shortly after the launch of Arcadia’s exA system in 2018, several developers announced support for the platform, including Seibu Kaihatsu. Personally, nothing has bothered me so far – good to see Raiden. Thankfully, we can end the year on a high note, just like last week’s news, and I think today’s announcement will confirm that. If you’re young enough not to be familiar with the series, it started in 1990 in arcades and led to several sequels and some spin-offs.