BBC Live – Before the live lesson read the lesson plan to

Before the live lesson, read the lesson plan to prepare for any difficulties your students may have. Join ten groups of students, all participating in an online English as a lingua franca in action and will have the opportunity to practice their English and communicate with other students from all over the world. Last year, nearly 4,000 students from 30 countries took part in live classes at Pearson and the BBC. You will receive an educational toolkit with a printable plan and worksheets for your students. It’s also very motivating for students to realize that they can understand a real documentary in English and get information – not something specifically designed for an ESL audience. The videos are an exciting part of the classroom for many students because they are immediately attractive. These are online lessons for high school students from all over the world. They can ask students to sit around a laptop or desktop computer and still enjoy the novelty of the class. There is also a private online community where students can communicate with each other after class. They offer a unique and motivating learning experience and we are pleased that students and teachers are inspired by this initiative. They encourage students to share information about their own country for a truly international experience. As Live Classes is an international project, a maximum of two groups from the same country can participate. There are three different classes, depending on the level of English and the age of the students. The main classes are based on our GoGetter, Wider World and Focus Second Edition courses, while the additional classes are based on an interesting cultural theme.