Imagine Earth – Build thriving and profitable colonies on a

Build thriving and profitable colonies on a global scale and trade goods and raw materials in space. Merchants of goods and technology organize interplanetary trade and happily buy all the minerals and raw materials mined in their area and sell expensive technology. Capitalist Space Age In the year 2048, giant corporations dissect the Earth and exploit its natural resources on a massive scale. Expansion and Exploration Build large cities and satisfy their hunger for resources by building power plants, farms, and factories. To expand your colony as quickly as possible and defeat your enemies, mine available fossil and mineral resources. Allies, Threats and Enemies Prepare for threats such as asteroid collisions, hurricanes, forest fires, volcanoes and rising sea levels. Mine Idea crystals, subdue unrest, explore technology and buildings, and maximize growth while maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Your job as the manager of a space colony is to explore and colonize distant planets. NOTE: This game supports Xbox Play Anywhere: you can play it on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs at no extra cost. Now, thanks to the discovery of Ideon crystals, you can travel through space, while technologically and ideologically almost everything remains the same. Ecocide You are experiencing a major conflict between the profit goals of interstellar corporations and the need to maintain the living conditions of your people. Rising temperatures are melting the polar ice caps, and your colonies are being destroyed by rising sea levels. Gas emissions and soil pollution affect the global climate as your colony grows. Planetary Colonization Imagine Earth is a real-time planetary simulation and construction strategy game. Live and trade with natives, traders, and enemy colonies. The same applies to cooperative colonies and alien tribes living on certain planets.