Christopher Nolan – I will not reveal anything saying that

I will not reveal anything, saying that the plot of Christopher Nolan’s latest film “Interstellar” depends on the existence of a great wormhole through which fearless astronauts can travel in search of new worlds for colonization. However, the film’s summary of this theoretical concept made me think about what a journey through a real wormhole could be like. In the movie “Wormhole is actually just an ex machina god, a simple tool of action that allows you to carry the main characters into space. Journey through a real wormhole probably seems surreal and strange, thanks to all the complex orbits that light can assume around its distorted geometry. Corwin Zan of the Institute of Physics at the University of Hildesheim made fantastic simulations of what a whirlwind journey might look like. Here you can see a wormhole floating in front of the physics building at the University of Tuebingen in Germany. The theory is that a stable wormhole requires some kind of exotic negative mass material, and so far physicists have no idea what it could be. The butcher described to me what physicists think the real journey through the wormhole will be like. Colored cubes and sticks emphasize the curvature of light in the curved space of the wormhole. Astronomers often observe the true rings of Einstein, as in this dramatic Hubble image of the deformed ring of light around a huge red galaxy. The film has a beautiful vortex appearance that immediately reminds me of the crystal ball of Palantyre from Tolkien’s trilogy The Lord of the Rings. When light from a star or galaxy passes next to this huge object on its way to us, the observers must watch the deformed curvature of the space and appear in the form of a ring. Video Tsana takes us on a short journey between Germany and France through a wormhole with a very short “neck”. But until we open the wormhole, unfortunately, this journey must be left in the field of simulation and science fiction. An interstellar wormhole with a small “Endurance” spacecraft in the shape of rings in front of it.