Hidden Object Bundle – Our little Croatian site has been

Our little Croatian site has been running since March 2012, run by just two people passionate about indie games, who want to bring you all the news about PC game bundles, free Steam and other free games keys, digital game offers and indie game reviews. Fanatical Build Your Own Hidden Object Bundle 2 just went on sale with an impressive Steam game bundle with an average score of 86%. 17 PC Steam games to choose from, including seven new games from Fanatical. Immerse yourself in hidden fantasy worlds, immerse yourself in paranormal investigations and more in this selection of popular and intriguing point & click and hidden object adventures. All games come in the form of redeemable Steam keys provided by Fanatical directly to the publishers. IndieGameBundles is the world’s first game bundle aggregator. This bundle is available through May 31, 2021.