Culture | – The most famous narrative poem in gaucho

The most famous narrative poem in gaucho culture is Martin Fierro, written by Jose Hernandez in 1872, which tells the story of a humble pampas worker who fell victim to social injustice. The concept of gaucho goes back hundreds of years and is associated with the colonization of the Southern Cone by the Spanish Empire and the subsequent mixing of European and indigenous cultures. In short, understanding gaucho culture is the key to understanding the cultural characteristics that are now part of Argentina. However, tea, known as “mate”, provided the rural population of the Southern Cone with the energy needed for generations. Traces of the gaucho culture, however, can be found against a background of popular music, cuisine and literature in Argentina. The gaucho’s musical repertoire with its characteristic guitars, live accordions and powerful voices has had a strong impact on Argentina’s cultural landscape. I am a lover of culture and language, and therefore a big foodie! I am looking forward to sharing my language and culture with all of you and, why not, some recipes from our traditional delicacies. To confirm your order, please click on the email link.