West Sets – In a hideout on the dangerous road between

In a hideout on the dangerous road between Neustadt and Altstadt, players will appear at a brutal murder scene. Get your dead! One day, after a crime in the West players put more than one player in the killing jungle. From the creators of Disorientation to Kill Express and 2000:1: Space Crime, a new riddle comes out, and only you can solve it. Julia has worked for IndieGames.com and MashTheseButtons and does everything beautiful, scary, tactical, stupid and surreal. Shooting with this camera gives you an idea of the past and the important moments that happened between Christmas and the present. Players are faced with the task of finding out who killed and why. It’s important to know how it went so that you can blame the right people. Once it was a crime in the West, available already in Humble Monthly. It’s hard when all your witnesses are dead and all your tracks are frozen. Each photo can be linked to, for example, who killed who and who. Fortunately, you have a very special camera. By continuing to use this site, you agree to its use. Which started on Christmas Eve. Fortunately And perhaps not one killer.