Retro Gaming Magazine – The new platform got its first

The new platform got its first exclusives: Xeno Crisis, developed by Bitmap Bureau and Micro Mages, created by Morphcat Games, will be exclusive to cloud games on Piepacker. Piepacker aims to be a platform that welcomes indie creativity and retro game nostalgia. “Devienne founded Piepacker with “his” friend Jules Testar. Lahvir Takhar, head of business development at Team17, reveals the project’s ambitions:Piepacker has the potential to become Spotify for video games: finally a free and affordable platform designed for online multiplayer. A mix of the best retro games, new indie games, and exclusives is what you can expect from Piepacker. The free and cool online platform will soon be available to all fans of retro games. The first group of publishers to join the initiative includes Team17, Piko Interactive, Codemasters, Morphcat Games, Bitmap Bureau, Megacat Studios, Dullahan Software and Interplay. Benjamin Devienne, co-founder, explains, “Our users will have access to a number of quality and inexpensive games already at launch thanks to our partner publishers. Team 17’s classic game Worms is celebrating its 30th anniversary, so partnering with Piepacker is a great way to bring old and new players together for a fun experience.” After weeks of development, Y Combinator, the startup gas pedal that spawned Airbnb, Twitch, Dropbox and even Reddit, decided to support Piepacker. The multiplayer architecture has been enhanced with a video chat feature that also allows players to use 3D “masks” of their favorite games. Another classic game, Sensible Soccer, returns and allows fans to play online with their friends. Facebook has removed “it” from the video game industry and put “it” in charge of analytics in its data science division. It’s time for video game journalism to take its rightful place as a real source, not fanboys who publish for free. Just sign up for Piepacker, invite your friends, and start playing.