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Viewing and reading the latest news from Japan not only helps you become familiar with formal and correct Japanese, but also helps you learn more about its culture, values and current events. Learning Japanese with current events can be an excellent way to master advanced listening, reading and speaking skills. Other media such as anime, film and manga will expose you to various dialects and levels of formality that are a truly rich and fascinating part of Japanese culture, but the news will help you communicate in a way that is perfect for any kind of formal situation. FluentU, as already mentioned, is a learning program that uses authentic and engaging videos from native Japanese speakers, including the best news. This new Memories vocabulary game is perfect for students who want to master much of the specific vocabulary they are likely to find in Japanese news. One of the most beautiful features of this small news site is that it contains many articles by Japanese journalists who have a local eye on the news rather than seeing it through a Western filter. This widely read newspaper is one of the most important sources of information in Japanese for native speakers. This publication in Japanese is a monthly summary of current vocabulary for Japanese-speaking high school students. Among the simplest versions of Mainichi Shinbun’s news are its offers for young native Japanese, Maisho 15 and Maisho. You’ve probably heard of this important source of information in Japanese developed for native speakers. The versatility of news as a free source of Japanese language learning is unprecedented, as you can see in the following resources. These manuals come with CDs to help you acquire the skills you need to understand Japanese news. New graphics and illustrations on television or in newspapers can help you understand how to present information to a Japanese audience in a familiar and accessible way. All three are Japanese reading applications that contain news at different levels. The Japanese onion counterpart, The Rising Wasabi, is Japan’s leading satirical news publication, reporting on the latest news from the Land of the Rising Sun and current events around the world.