Mexico City Updates – This month Mexico City updated its

This month, Mexico City updated its school uniform regulations, which require girls to wear skirts and boys to wear pants. By saying that children could wear skirts if they wanted to, many people and the media have lost sight of some of the benefits that this new unified policy will bring. The official uniform consisting of skirt, blouse, sweater for girls and trousers, shirt, sweater for boys will be worn the rest of the school days. I suspect that most students will continue to follow the old unified policy at first, but it is a big step forward that allows everyone to choose what they feel most comfortable learning. After a few years of teaching at a private school in Mexico City, I know from my students how many of them refused to wear skirts. Other advantages of gender-neutral uniforms include the possibility for students to choose their uniforms for the day based on temperature. For those who use public transportation to go to school, the possibility of having pants makes the route safer in a city where public transportation is completely saturated. In her speech, she stressed the importance of gender-neutral uniforms to promote equality or equality, giving girls and boys the opportunity to choose for themselves. We all remember the difficulties of childhood and adolescence, and I saw firsthand how the mandatory rock uniform sometimes had a negative effect on all students. And while this new measure helps students more directly, yes, if a child wants to wear a skirt to school for any reason, he can. Some schools are stricter than others, but uniforms are generally considered an integral part of the school. Mexico City’s head of government or Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum have announced that uniforms will no longer be gender-specific, but neutral or neutral. Students can choose the uniform they want.