Mi Banda Favorita – For me it was the best travel

For me it was the best travel experience – my favorite group in my favorite country with my favorite friends. They have much better albums for me and I prefer them to improvise live, because they improvise a lot. Many more concerts are planned for this year, but they were postponed because of the pandemic. Today I will introduce my favorite band: Phish. They have many different styles of music such as rock, funk and jazz. The band was divided into 5 years – from 2004 to 2009. Many of my friends and relatives have known me for a long time, but they were friends and very happy to meet me. Today I represent my favorite band – Phish. They are from Vermont, the northeastern US state During the summer I went to many concerts with my girlfriend, friends, and also with my brothers. My favorite concerts were in Las Vegas and Miami. After graduating from the Michigan State University, he moved to China, where he lived, worked, studied and traveled for over 5 years. I went to these concerts with friends and one day with my brother.