Some Japanese TV people regularly film members of

Some Japanese TV people regularly film members of parliament asleep during a session and show the video on the news. This activity is much enjoyed by viewers, and one would think that Japanese MPs have learned that a TV camera can be useful and try to stay awake. Inemuri is often seen in the Japanese parliament and local assemblies. According to Newsweek, the number of Japanese high school students who nap during class is three times higher than among their American peers. Here’s a fun experiment with a Daiso device invented to prevent drowsiness while driving, this time in the classroom. As you can see, most of them are elderly men who have been members of the assembly for many years. After the mayor resigned for violating the public office election law in the general election, the city of Aki Takada in Hiroshima elected a young former banker with no political experience as mayor. As a result, he was summoned by members of the assembly and apologized.