From Xbox Game – The news that Gears 5 is smoking came

The news that Gears 5 is smoking came after Netflix announced last week that it would remove images of tobacco from the original view for young viewers, except to preserve “historical or factual accuracy”. “This follows the publication of the Truth Report which states that tobacco use in television series popular among 15-24-year-olds increased dramatically last year, and that the original Netflix series “Other People’s Things” and “Orange – New Black” were among the most dangerous criminals smoking. The decision to remove all references to tobacco from list 5 was taken after a non-profit truth-seeking initiative approached Turner, whose sports department in the Elige is eligible to broadcast, to make changes. Removal of tobacco images from Gears 5 has been going on for months, said Seth Ladecki, senior vice president of Turner Sports Sales and director of sales and sales strategy for Turner Sports Digital and ELeague. Against the backdrop of the ubiquitous return of popular smoke images in pop culture, we [the Coalition] recommend eliminating smoke from Appliances 5 and ELeague because we showed this tobacco-free game this weekend,” said Robin Kowal, CEO and President of the Truth Initiative. This weekend, the Atlanta Turner Studios League will host the first Gears 5 sports tournament with the eight best professional teams from GOW. The tournament will be held on July 13-14 and will be broadcast live on Twitch – for the first time fans will be able to see “Gears 5” in action. It has always been important for me not to use smoking as a narrative tool, so we deliberately decided not to emphasize and not to glorify smoking in the world of Gears 5 and Gears of War. “According to a representative of Xbox Games Studio, the decision was made solely by the Coalition. Gears 5”, the next part of the series of third-person shooters “War Gears”, will be the place where smoking is prohibited. In addition, six one-hour feature films on the Pro Gears of War contests were shot within the framework of the competition, followed by stars from all over the world participating in their preparation and performances. Previous Gears of War series titles sometimes include tobacco scenes in which some heroes had cigarettes or cigars. The ELeague Gears summer invitation game will begin at noon (ET) on Saturday, July 13, with live broadcast on ELeague Twitch. Ladecki said that quitting smoking does not change the nature of the game itself, citing research that shows a correlation between increased exposure to tobacco products in the entertainment industry and the higher prevalence of tobacco use among young people. Rod Ferguson, director of research for the coalition, said in a statement: “I have seen with my own eyes the devastating effects of tobacco. Of course, Gears 5 still has a lot of plans and probably glorifies violence. Turner is promoting collaboration with Truth at this year’s ELeague Gears summer tournament.