Puerto Vallarta – Anais has started a great blog series

Anais has started a great blog series this year, so you might discover some of them! In this post, she introduces some Italian or Spanish words of Italian origin. I’ve already started my Top 20 Spanish blogs from 2020, so read the first part if you missed it. For us, here at the Spanish blog, it means checking the data to see which articles are the most popular among our readers. The official motto isHe Who Lives, He Loves. “‘ Read all about this wonderful party and watch some videos in this post. When I started learning Spanish in Puerto Vallarta, I took a three-week course focused on learning power verbs. Carole developed this great position by teaching some Spanish classics. Food articles always look good on the blog, and Carole’s Tex-Mex barbecue article was one of the best this year. Now that we’re about to say goodbye to 2020, it’s a good time to look back on this year and try to find something positive. Be sure to check out “your” other posts to learn words from other languages.