Against Us – First of all we’re sorry we missed last

First of all, we’re sorry we missed last week’s show! As we explain in more detail in this week’s episode, the world conspired against us so many times that we weren’t able to record last week. In addition to this audio podcast, we’re also going to do a video version of the same show, available exclusively on Patreon posts for past episodes of the video podcast. Sorry. Anyway, you’re going to have a lot of gaming talk this week, because a lot has happened in the world of mobile gaming in the last two weeks. Customers can check out the latest video episodes of the TouchArcade show by clicking here. Send your questions, comments, or any other questions with or without [email protected]. If you like what you see, please consider becoming a TouchArcade Patreon supporter. We all read them and enjoy deciphering messages written entirely on emotion. Some features of XenForo were developed by Audentio Design. Designed by Audentio.