Spooky Time – When autumn comes we see the famous emblems

When autumn comes, we see the famous emblems of this terrifying festival: lanterns, bats, skeletons and spider webs, and these are just some of them. Sign up for a free live eChineseLearning lesson! Our academic coordinator will contact you within one working day to arrange a free lesson. However you celebrate Halloween this year, make sure you are safe and spend time with friends and family. yǒu de rén xǐhuān qízhuāngyìfú, xiǎnde hěn gèxìng. Some people like to wear weird clothes, it really shows your personality. tā de yīfú shàng yǒu kūlóu tú’àn. zhīzhū yǒu hěnduō tiáo tuǐ. In the meantime, we sent you 11 e-books in Mandarin lù de liǎngbiān guà mǎnle nánguā.