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Today, new words and acronyms are constantly appearing, thanks to the contribution of thousands of people who use English keeping records of abbreviations is probably the most difficult. In an era of constant migration, social networks are the lifeline that connects us to the world. Not long ago, it was enough to learn English at the academy to reach a level sufficient for easy communication with the world. Do you use social networks? You may have an account on several platforms. This is not surprising as it is one of the ways we often choose to meet new people and stay in touch with friends and family these days. This dictionary will also be very useful when you post, as it will increase the reach of your messages and help your followers grow. Food porn refers to large sizes of super-identified products: decadent desserts, juicy steaks, delicious steamed dishes. The fact that you read this article on the internet already makes you part of this boundless world. This is a man who is considered famous by Instagram because “he” has thousands of followers. It is used as a hashtag to show that what is shown in the article or picture is natural and has not been edited.