Department Titles – There are different job titles that are

There are different job titles that are used in Chinese, depending on the department and the people who handle them, and it is important to familiarize yourself with the differences of these titles so that you can easily integrate into the office environment and culture. In the business world in China Do you have a quick question? What is the only thing that is highly controversial in the office? “Office jargon! Employees constantly monitor the nuances of work in an environment where there are people from all walks of life. If you understand how to say and recognize different working titles in Mandarin Chinese, you will be recognized and respected for your efforts in the office. The correct use of job titles improves communication and has a positive impact on the office workflow. In addition, the head of each department often receives a job title that refers to the level of management, responsibility and authority of the company. As you can see from the list above, companies in China have different departments that work to be efficient. And like their foreign counterparts, these divisions have their own department name. Lì Li : Nín xià zhōu sān dào zhōu dōu rènhé ānpái. Jīnglǐ : Nà míngtiān qù bāng dìng yì zhāng xià zhōu qù Shànghǎi de jīpiào ba. It is very useful for you to learn how and when to use each title in the office. Each department focuses on its task, which makes the company operational. Jobs are very important in China. Xià Jūn : Hǎo de, méi wèntí. This topic can become much more controversial, especially if you bring the dynamics of language to this already complicated topic. Read the dialogue and answer the following question.