Animal Crossing Speedrunning – It is unfortunate that

It is unfortunate that someone can have a perfect move but be defeated by someone lucky enough to hit a silver nugget on the first try and reap the perfect fruit on the first try while getting a favorable card, even though “their” move was not great. That’s why New Leaf speedrunners had to set their own parameters, such as “pay off the first debt,” trying to save up enough money to pay off the house loan as quickly as possible. Obviously, in Korean the text scrolls faster and time runs out, but playing the Korean copy of the game is one of the few reliable tactics to speed things up. You need a silver nugget right next to the station. The time saved is mostly due to the fact that you can get the silver nugget on the first try, or with a map where the tree and town square are closer. Although he spent a lot of time paying off the first debt quickly, it is perhaps surprising that he does not travel through time during the leisurely game. “The action is as follows: get off the train, talk to Isabel or Nook to put up a house, plant an urban tree, buy a shovel, and then find a silver stone,” he says. “Almost everything depends on the RNG,” Nick explains, “from the beginning, how to lay out the cards properly, to the end, where the silver stone is, everything depends on the RNG. For a very fast run, you want a map where the town hall is immediately to the left or right of the station, and the tree is on the side where the town hall is not. This will undoubtedly be annoying: we’ve restarted many times in New Horizons simply because they weren’t what we wanted, and going through that annoying launch process one or two more times was enough to slow our pace, not to mention having to do it several times to achieve the world speed record.