Titan Quest – Whether you play this new Legendary Edition

Whether you play this new Legendary Edition or the Titan Quest HD Upgrade this game deserves a place on your device for all players who love high-quality mobile gaming. What the Legendary Edition does, both this new version and the Titan Quest HD Update, is remove all the technical details and present this game in its final form, almost without compromise. The original 2016 version of Titan Quest on iOS wasn’t perfect and actually had a lot of bugs and performance issues, but you can overcome all that because it was really great to have a game of this caliber in your pocket. A much more important reason for choosing the new version of Titan Quest as Game of the Week is that Titan Quest is really spectacular, and by far the best version. Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is the original Titan Quest plus 3 expansion packs in one app for one price. But it’s much more important on mobile, where there’s nothing like Titan Quest. Titan Quest is an epic clash of titans, more complete than ever, and has captivated legions of players since its debut in 2006. At the time of its launch in 2006, most thought it was the best Diablo game ever, which really wasn’t a Diablo game, and still is. It’s a true AAA game, and as far as I can remember, it’s the only game of its kind on mobile that’s a premium game and not free-to-play. And for that Titan Quest, thank you. It seems like a rare game of the week because it’s not a new game at all. Throw in a replacement game, and there’s nothing close to such a mobile experience. Especially since it’s technically a new version. Some XenForo features designed by Audentio Design.