Readiness Test – The Preparatory Exam is a new tool for

The Preparatory Exam is a new tool for schools, institutions and teachers, which will help each person to be sure that “his” or “her” students are well prepared for the international certification exam. You will also receive a report on the preparation of the group, which will show how well the whole class is prepared, where there are gaps in skills, and in what areas they need to focus on the big day. At the end of the course you will receive a preparation report that gives you a complete and detailed picture of your students’ performance. You can see which activities improve your students’ skills and help them reach the level required to take exams. When you test a class, you will also receive a class preparation report. With this free and fun tool, your students can practice test questions, earn badges, and track their progress in their spare time. The report not only provides general recommendations on activities, but also tells you which pages of the book will help your students improve their skills in this particular area. We recommend using other tools to prepare your students for the test, such as a new warm-up test! One of the main advantages for teachers and students is the speed and ease of test preparation. Then, as with the individual student report, you will get an overview of your group’s skills. From December 2020 the preparation test will also be available for direct purchase by students. The Student Preparation Report also contains recommendations based on each student’s progress. The report not only shows exactly what your students should focus on, but also helps you find the right material for the job. Contact your local Pearson office to find out more about using the student preparation test. He or “she” will make suggestions for general activities and specific course exercises to fill skill gaps and help students progress.