Arcade1Up Attack From – Impression of the physical

Impression of the physical characteristics of the device is one thing, but how did it perform when it mattered, or should I say, when we turned it on, did it play as well as it looked? The quick answer is yes, but – there’s always a “but”! Once we turned it on, we loved the backlighting feature – it makes the artwork shine! The on-screen playing field has a familiar interface, as it uses Zen Studios’ Pinball FX software platform. Of course, we chose Attack From Mars Pinball not only because it’s real, but also because it features 10 of the best pinball games of all time: Attack From Mars, Fish Tales, The Getaway: Highspeed II, Junk Yard, Medieval Madness, White Water, Red & Ted’s Road Show, Hurricane, Tales of the Arabian Nights and No Good Gofers. If the frame stays on the device when it’s turned off, it detracts from the look of the device. But once on the screen, the frame combined with the screen below it creates a depth of field that increases the realism of the pinball game. With the addition of magnets that provide physical feedback to the player, and well-integrated sound effects played through the speakers, you really feel like you’re playing pinball like you’re playing a real game. If you want to play Zen Studios’ awesome pinball machines, there’s no better way to do it than on Arcade1Up’s pinball machine. They announced three pinball machines at the show, Attack from Mars, Star Wars and Marvel, each with a Zen Studios Pinball FX themed pinball platform. The setup features the usual settings, from sound and video adjustments to pinball-specific magnet settings and piston calibration. Our eyes adapted, and we really didn’t notice the difference in screen size, as if someone had played a trick on us! The best analogy we found regarding screen size is this: it’s like telling someone that their 65-inch TV is great, that they are completely satisfied, and they see no difference after watching the same thing on a smaller 55-inch TV for three minutes; in their mind, everything looks almost the same. But after a few games, we came to the conclusion that the size of the screen was admirable, and found that it didn’t distract us from playing pinball. We enjoyed playing real pinball machines. After selecting a language, the machine displays 10 pinball games to choose from.