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Given that SEGA’s own version of Miracle World for the Fantastic Ages is available on Switch for less, this game should have had a better chance of upgrading the gameplay as much as it upgraded the presentation. Sure, the original game is pretty short, but I’m not sure that making the boss fights longer or adding some new, dynamic levels for battles is the best solution. In some ways, this is a game I would gladly recommend to newcomers to Disgaea. At first, if the game doesn’t require much from the player, that’s fine, but the more you progress, the more you realize that it’s less Bionic Command and more N+. Alex was one of SEGA’s mascots before they found a mascot that really had wide appeal, and Miracle World was both “their” first game and one of “their” best. Alex Kidd in Miracle World was a great game for some people. I’ll admit that in their original form they were too simplistic, but the long constructions added for this game don’t make them any more fun. While it’s nice to see a new game in the series, Disgaea 6 feels a little half-finished. I don’t know how to approach this other than to write a cheat sheet for the player, as M2 did for the SEGA AGES version of Miracle World. It’s a dice game in which you have to race against each other to move pieces around the board. It was incredibly easy to die in the original game, and that hasn’t changed in the remake. The more I played Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX, the more I wondered who this game was for. The quality is probably comparable to other games using this model, but I don’t throw money at these things to find out more. It’s a way to celebrate classics, shed light on games that may have gone unnoticed, address some old issues in games that may not have endured as well as others. Today’s selection of new releases isn’t very strong, but there is one game that might interest you. It looks inspired by Mega Man, but honestly, it has more of the energy of a DOS game.