Interloper ’ – – From the very beginning spacecraft

From the very beginning, spacecraft control and shooting down aliens, asteroids or other hostile ships was a common theme in video games, and this genre really took on a new dimension when 3D games started taking off. Interloper offers incredibly lightweight space movies full of exciting moments, all in a cleverly designed package of mobile phones. The only creator, Matt Purchase of Anchorite Games, is also very active in our forums and reacts quickly to bug reports and feedback, and I think Interloper will be even better in the future. It’s a cheating game, so the levels and opponents are generated randomly for each game and the wave progression is adjusted. So if you like space shooters and you appreciate beautiful graphics and good challenge, you should definitely give the Interloper a chance. You can equip your ship with tons of different weapons and special items, and Interloper has a fascinating quality of outdoor games like Diablo or Borderlands. Imagine the first-person perspective right from the cockpit of your own spaceship as you fly through space and fight against all the masters of cool enemies. Dogfighting in space has something that video games can do too. I also like the structure of the game that looks like a 3D shooter that reminds me of some of my favorite shooters such as Sterdenn or Black Paradox. Large space stations? Big explosions and particle effects in abundance? Look at all this. *Anchorit’s space flight simulator, designed for iOS. You can play the game in portrait or landscape mode when a fly burns and it’s easy to play with one hand with your thumb. The action is so intense that it always makes you smile, and the controls, designed with the touch screen in mind, make the game enjoyable to play. The structure of Interloper is also focused on mobile games. You are an ideal candidate if you want to take your iPhone with you and spend a few minutes of your free time.