Practice Websites – SpanishDict offers hundreds of grammar

SpanishDict offers hundreds of grammar guides written by real Spanish teachers, each one combined with quizzes so you can put what you have learned into practice. In addition to being a first-rate translation resource, you can practice your Spanish on the spot with a variety of exercises. In addition to grammar, there are vocabulary exercises with flashcards and quizzes, and even pronunciation guides with videos and sounds from real native speakers. For vocabulary exercises, you can take unique tests to practice conjugation, and in the pronunciation section, you’ll find plenty of oral exercises to help you improve your pronunciation. The Ursinus College Language Exercises page is another place where you can find serious university-level Spanish exercises. Even native speakers spend hours in school doing grammar exercises. Even better, the exercises include audio recordings by native speakers to help you practice grammatical concepts in the context of real conversations. This is the site of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, and the exercises are designed to prepare you for the national Spanish exam in the United States. Fortunately, Spanish grammar exercises are like puzzles. In addition to the grammar exercises, there are several videos that contain questions to practice listening skills. In addition to exercises covering a wide range of basic grammar and vocabulary, you can even take tests based on your level. FluentU takes this concept and applies it to online exercises in Spanish. Each FluentU video is accompanied by exercises that teach your vocabulary and grammar based on authentic content. These practice tests allow you to identify your weaknesses and put them into practice through site-specific grammar exercises.