Pearson English Readers – By encouraging our students to

By encouraging our students to read and enjoy reading, we help them make progress in learning English Readers for young people, teenagers and adults, with something to suit every student’s taste. Our readers include a good selection of simple texts and speeches that can easily be used as scripts for short plays. There are many ways to use our graduate readers in the classroom: for example, you can choose a book that the whole class reads together. All our readers are carefully divided into six levels: the grammar and vocabulary of each story is adapted to the needs of your students. Many of our readers are based on characters and stories that are familiar to students. This can help to raise awareness of linguistic peculiarities, such as the pronunciation of individual words and the intonation when reading stories or speaking direct language. Whatever your decision to use our readers in your lessons, here are five reasons why we think they are an excellent tool for teaching English. You can also have a library and give your students time during class to read a story that interests them individually. Encourage students to write new vocabulary and use it in written and oral contexts. It is often reported that students who read develop different language skills faster than those who do not. You can make use of this by letting students share their knowledge of the text before opening the book. Full audio is available to all our readers on our website. Producing a small piece together also helps develop your social and communication skills and teamwork – skills that are crucial for the future.