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The disadvantage is that researching word etymology takes time, and that theoretically time can be spent reading, speaking, and practicing other elements of English. Many students use these three strategies when learning English, but there may be a more interesting and effective way to learn vocabulary. Fortunately, we at Enigmatic Learning take the work off your hands by bringing you a weekly post on etymology. Etymology entered English through Old French, etymology, but its origins can be traced back to Greece. Studying verb forms of words is a great strategy that I recommend to all my B2+ students. Etymology is simply the study of word history. Meaning: discovering or finding the etymology of a word. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by looking at the etymology of a word and realizing that they all have the same etymology. Therefore, the study of the history of English words is an extremely dynamic task. Anglo-Saxon, Latin, French, Greek, Hindi, and other languages came together to form the English language we know today. Meaning: the study of the origins of words and how their meaning has changed throughout history. Some students use this to their advantage when they see similarities between English words and their native equivalents. It should be noted that etymology is an area of study for people who are much more knowledgeable and intelligent than I am. I believe that in this post you will find new ways to learn English and especially new vocabulary. Now you know that words ending in “eulogy” are of Greek origin and indicate the study of something.