Fury Special – So here’s what else a Neo-Geo fan who trusts

So here’s what else a Neo-Geo fan who trusts “him” in Beat’em up can do? Fatal Fury Special looks good, has more characters, sounds good, plays brilliantly and has many hidden features. Oh, well, it’s another bit’em – the third in the Fatal Fury series, to be more precise, and despite the great competition on this platform, it’s still a very good game. It’s a kind of adventurous arcade game in which two characters, dressed in steps, face each other and play to catch a shell. What’s so special about the special movie “Fatal Fury”? First, there are more characters to choose from. The first Fatal Rage was only three, the next was eight, but here you can choose between 15 crispy Bruisers. The owners of Neo-Geo, you know what? A new game has arrived, and it’s not what you expected. The experts among you will be glad to know that there is an amazing final, but only if you beat all the opponents without losing a single round. Except for a few new songs, the music and sound effects have not changed much: it’s not bad, because at first they were great. Retro Gamer is a part of Future Plc, one of the leading international media groups and digital publishing house. There are even hidden voltage surges that absorb large amounts of enemy energy when they are performed. Graphically, new colourful backgrounds have emerged – the location of the bridge is even more impressive – and everyone passes through the crossing day and night. The future publishing house Kadehuis, Amburi, Bad BA1 1UA. They all have their own fighting style and all have their own special techniques. The registration number of the company England and Wales 2008885, please, visit the website of our company.