Ultimate Low Poly – We plan to add support for the full

We plan to add support for the full version of Steam Workshop, after which users will be able to send and share wallpaper themes in real time. “What is the current status of the Early Access version? The current version of Ultimate Low Poly contains some pets and wallpaper, but cannot support Steam Workshop for these themes. We plan to add support for Steam Workshop themes in the full version, after which users can send and share live background themes. “Yes, the price for early access is slightly lower than the final price, given the additional content and improved overall impression that will be added with early access. Since many animal species and animated background effects are supported, I need to find out which animal species and background styles are most commonly used, and then prioritize them for further development to make the animals and background effects as good as possible. “How long will this software stay available at an early stage? Approximately 12 months. “What will be the difference between the full version and the early version? The early version is not compatible with Steam Workshop, so users will not be able to download or share Steam Workshop themes. If you buy the application now, you will not have to pay extra after early access – you will get all new content and improvements when they are added. “How do you plan to involve the community in the development process? “The community will contribute to the development of Ultimate Low Poly Pet using steam forums and feedback methods built into the application. About this program Ultimate Low Poly Pet – bright, clean and elegant 3D interactive wallpaper with beautiful low polyethylene animals with animated backgrounds on the desktop. Ultimate Low Poly Pet is a lively, clean and elegant 3D interactive wallpaper showing beautiful low polyethylene pets with animated backgrounds on your desktop. In the future Ultimate Live Wallpaper will add support for Steam Workshop. A: Right-click on the UltimateLowPolyPet system icon and select “Settings”, disable “Enable Steam Support”, restart UltimateLowPolyPet. A: Right-click the status bar icon and select the “Settings Background” menu item, right-click the third “Settings” button and activate the “Silence” option. Why earlier access? “Faster access allows me to ensure stability and compatibility with a wider range of systems and to focus on expanding the features that users need most”. Note: This early access software is not complete and cannot or will not be configured. Live Wallpaper software is proprietary. Early Access software will participate in this software as it develops. If you are not excited about using this software in its current state, you will have to wait and see how its development progresses.