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If you and your students are online and using a computer, tablet, or mobile device to connect to the classroom, be sure to use the resources available. To learn more about online learning and managing technology resources, read part one: Nick’s article Optimizing Online Language Learning : Managing the Classroom. In two articles, Nick gives expert advice on how to teach English online and how to optimize your lessons for the digital world. Online learning can also be new to students, so they will probably need some support to ensure their success. It’s also important to think about how your virtual classroom will work and what it will look like, as this will have a big impact on how your students learn. If you use a textbook, you should have a fully digital version and provide your students with a platform for hands-on activities, video and audio. Create an online learning document for parents explaining how they can create a positive and productive learning environment for their children. If you organize group work that requires writing or creating a presentation, ask your students to use a shared Google doc to work together. That way, you can see in real time what they’re doing and give them feedback. In this second part, “it” focuses on creating an effective online learning space. If you want to stream a YouTube video during a lesson, you can send the link to your students so they can watch it as homework before the lesson, or have them watch the video on their own device during the lesson. Did you miss part one of this series? Read now: Optimizing Online Language Learning: classroom management Looking for an engaging and innovative basic course with all the digital features? Check out English Code. In addition to the platform, English Code comes with the Pearson Practice English app, which includes all the video and audio course materials. For example, reinforce the proper use of spell check when writing a document, or let your students use a camera to capture their work to share, or even their favorite toys, etc.