Latin America Travel – Another place on your Latin America

Another place on your Latin America travel list – the salt mines of Bolivia known as “Salar de Uyuni” – I am here to help you with at least the “travel” part of your travel list! I have prepared a travel list of Latin America so that you can dream of crossing some of these places in your list. There are so many other great places to add to your list of Latin American travels. You will definitely have to make an effort to remove this place from your list, because there is no easy way to access it. It is probably the most popular city in Latin America among tourists. He and his wife run a travel blog “Gitanos Gratos” and are currently experimenting with nomadic digital lifestyle throughout Latin America. Limit yourself to the second part, where we will discover ancient ruins in Mexico, hiking in Patagonia and the largest waterfall in the world. The number of people who can join the trail is limited and the trail is also closed all through February.