Emergency Dog Surgery – Sorry I missed last week’s episode

Sorry I missed last week’s episode, I had a very crazy week with an amazing emergency operation on my dog’s spine! It turns out that homeowner’s insurance for your pets is a very good thing. When all this is behind us, we can focus on the latest and greatest developments in the iOS game and speculation on new consoles, as marketing efforts multiply to bring them to light in the nebulous future. To complement this audio podcast, we also offer a video version of the same program, exclusive to Patreón Fans can watch older episodes of the video podcast in ourpublic ations of Patreón. Fans can watch the latest episodes of the TouchArcade show by clicking here. Don’t forget to email us with questions, comments, or other relevant or irrelevant information about [Secure Email]. If you like what you see, consider becoming a supporter of TouchArcade Patreon. We read them all and love to decipher messages written entirely in emoji. Some features of XenForo have been developed by Audentio Design.