Gamesmen Retro Game – The sixty or so photos we took at the

The sixty or so photos we took at the game museum below don’t do it justice, seeing it in person was incredible. The Retro Game Museum was a true visit to our past and left a wonderful impression on our 8-bit brains. No Embargo This pilgrimage is long overdue and fulfilled our desire to visit and tour the museum in person. There was no chosen section, but the exhibits were like a time machine, transporting us back to our childhood and making us dream of owning and playing the systems and games on display. The Gamemen have been an icon of the Australian gaming scene for nearly 40 years, and it continues to evolve. The mural with a chronology of gaming systems was another highlight and shows just how far gaming has come. The best thing we could do was to share our impressions with others, and as you’ll see below, your nostalgic feelings will not be disappointed. We weren’t disappointed at all, and were happy to be able to cross it off our wish list.