Great Netflix Shows – In this post I present two excellent

In this post, I present two excellent Netflix programs for the Spanish students I have seen. “Las Crónicas del Taco is a symbol of Mexico, a documentary work that shows the mirabelelas on the icons of the organ tacos: the regions where the taco Danube is the king. “Taco Chronicles is an ode to Mexico’s most emblematic and adorable dish, a series of documentaries that immediately deal with six iconic tacos: the regions where each taco is king. Come back and have a look at this article on “Netflixing Your Way to Spanish Fluency” if you missed it because it contains excellent tips. I have witnessed wrestling fights several times – in Mexico City, Guadalajara and even in the Pitillal district of Puerto Vallarta. You can also read the post at “7 Binge-Worth Shows en español” for more ideas on what to see. Speaking of tacos, I have some articles you should read to learn more about Mexico’s most famous dish. A few years ago, we had some popular articles about learning Spanish in Netflix programs. Both exhibitions are very well done and give a good overview of these important aspects of Mexican culture.