Nintendo Life Really – I really wish Nintendo would bring

I really wish Nintendo would bring Swapnote to Switch I loved this app, it was so much fun to send crazy emails to my friends, and it was cool to see my friends drawing crazy notes on it. Last December, Nintendo released an update to its outdated Swapnote messaging app for the 3DS. Nintendo’s patch notes for this software update mentioned that some issues had been “fixed,” but, as usual, did not provide details. The story seems to go a little further, as data developer “OatmealDome” reported that a vulnerability was discovered in the mail processor that could be exploited through StreetPass, allowing an “attacker” to execute any code he wanted. I’m a little puzzled as to why Nintendo is calling this a “remaster,” although it does explain why Nintendo remastered a game it actually killed years ago. It “probably” explains why Nintendo released the update a few years after disabling the basic functionality of the app. When he’s not busy paying off Tom Nook’s loan, Liam enjoys telling the latest Nintendo news and admiring his collection of video games. In case you don’t remember, this free service was shut down in 2013 when Nintendo found that users were sharing offensive material. Reading this, it makes me sad again that Nintendo stopped using Swapnote for no good reason. True, it turns out that Nintendo has officially called it a remaster. Nintendo just re-released it, and Nintendo Life insists it’s a remaster. Nintendo used to have his favorite character as a guitar-playing dog, but these days he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat. It’s impressive that Nintendo sticks to safety rules.