Pearson English Warm – The Application Resources section

The Application Resources section provides links to guides for each level of the overall PTE test, practice tests, test guides, previous articles and blogs to help students evaluate and work with their testing strategies. The Assessment provides students with a clear picture of progress in each of the four skills as they progress through the various practical exercises at each level. From organizing the day before the test to developing a detailed schedule for each level, students approach the test with a much more relaxed attitude. They are provided with short links to practical classes, general information about CEP, and tips for the test day. Pearson English Warm-up offers listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises with real questions from previous exams. For the conversational exercises, you are asked to write down the answers to the questions in the appendix. This is the ideal way to help students with their weaknesses in the classroom. Students can practice their skills while traveling, if they have a few minutes left, or use them at home for extensive exam sessions. There are also tips to remember on the day of the exam, such as how to work hard and things to bring to the exam room. Once your students have completed their practical classes, there is still a lot to do. This means they do not need to spend much valuable time in class explaining these details to their students. The goal is to answer any questions or concerns your students may have while taking their exams. Students can ask for a lot of information by applying and seeing how the test works. They will find an overview of the structure and content of the test, the skills to be evaluated, and how the test will be assessed.